I.C.U. Trailer Cameras, LLC is a Worldwide supplier of electronic products designed by Equestrians for the Equestrian Market.

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I.C.U. Trailer Cameras, LLC was started when I began trailering my horse. I was always concerned as I drove down the road every time I heard a thump from the trailer. Our first product line was Trailer Cameras both wireless and wired systems. We quickly found out that Gooseneck Trailers with a dressing room were difficult to have a wireless system work properly. Because we are an engineering company and we work directly with the manufacturing plant, we designed a patent pending remote antenna system specifically designed for Gooseneck Horse Trailers.

We added Wireless Barn Cameras to our product offering. The four camera wireless system allows remote monitoring of the barn from your home or a smart phone using a Slingbox or other IP Box.

I trained in Florida for three years and found it very difficult to hear my trainer at shows and during our work at home. The wind in Florida limited the effectiveness of my training as most of the time I was not sure what my trainer was saying. As a result, we developed the EQUUSCOM BT Trainer and Rider Headsets. The EQUUSCOM BT is a Bluetooth one to one training tool.

Our most recent introduction to our product line is the EQUUSCOM WiWi System. The system is a Multi-Functional device that provides Trainer to Rider or Group Lesson Communications. EQUUSCOM WiWi can also be used for large training clinics to allow the Clinician to communicate with the Rider and also provide clear audio for the Auditors.

Adrienne Meisner
President I.C.U. Trailer Cameras, L.L.C.

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